SIG leadership email:

To join the SIG mailing list, send a message to

Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Beth White, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
  • Past Chair: Audrey Dentith, North Carolina A&T State University
  • Chair-Elect: Tris Utschig, Kennesaw State University

Volunteer Leads:

  • Calendar Editor: Carla Nevarez Sanchez
  • Conference Lead: (vacant)
  • Diversity Lead: (vacant)
  • Member Profiles Editor: (vacant)
  • Newsletter Editor: (vacant), Ken Yasuhara
  • Resources Librarians: Tonya Whitehead, Tom Pentecost, Ken Yasuhara
  • Web Editor: Matt Mahavongtrakul, Ken Yasuhara

Core Committee representative: Preston Cumming

SIG Mission: The mission of the STEM SIG is to support and connect colleagues within POD Network who are actively engaged in STEM educational development and instruction. The STEM SIG will provide a stable infrastructure for professional networking and peer assistance within and across STEM fields and institutional categories. It will also create capacity to organize POD Network programming such as conference sessions/workshops and related intervening events (online and in-person). In addition, the STEM SIG seeks to aggregate resources for practitioners who support STEM instruction and instructors and to support the dissemination of scholarship related to STEM educational development. An additional goal is to provide a bridge for communication and coordination with organizations involved in STEM education at a national level.