An increasing number of POD Network programs, products, and activities serve member needs. These include:

  • An annual conference unlike most other conferences you attend. The ambiance of this three-day event is designed to satisfy professional and personal needs, to nurture growth, innovation and change; and to enable people to exchange ideas and add to their professional network. With few exceptions, conference sessions are small and characterized by much group interaction and involvement—no paper reading here!  The development of true community spirit and warm friendships is typical. Flexibility, as well as highly interactive sessions in relatively small groups help assure the satisfaction of individual needs. These characteristics of the annual conference are highly prized by our members.
  • An annual membership directory and networking guide identifies those who share your experiences, needs, and interests.
  • A newsletter from the Executive Director not only communicates POD Network business, but also informs you of other professional development opportunities.
  • An annual sourcebook To Improve the Academy offers you a range of materials on teaching and learning written by POD Network members. Some articles present theoretical perspectives and experimental insights; others describe programs and approaches; still others offer practical strategies and workshop materials.
  • A Handbook for New Practitioners gives you concrete, practical “how to” guidance for accomplishing developmental tasks effectively. Also written by members and covering the gamut of development activities, the Handbook is periodically updated and revised.
  • A research program allows the POD Network to award seed money each year to members with good ideas and limited financial resources. Results of this work are ultimately reported at the annual conference or in the pages of To Improve the Academy.