Christine Rener


Stacy Grooters
Stacy Grooters


Portrait image of Carl S. Moore
Carl S. Moore


Gloria Niles
Gloria Niles

Chair of Finance Committee

Danielle Gabriel
Danielle Gabriel

Executive Director
Ex-Officio Member

About the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee carries forth the work of our organization between Core Committee meetings and oversees other important aspects of our work. Membership of the Executive Committee includes the President, President-elect, Past President, Chair of the Finance Committee, and the Executive Director.

At its fall meeting, the Core Committee elects the incoming President-Elect. Presidential rotations take place at the end of the spring Core meeting, usually held in March.

To contact the Executive Committee, please use: [email protected] (current president will receive email and share with Executive Committee)

To contact only the current President, please use: [email protected]