The POD Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, governed by a Board of Directors, named the Core Committee, whose members are elected by the general membership to three-year terms. Core Committee Minutes are published shortly after each biannual meeting.

The Executive Committee, including the Executive Director and the Current President, Past President, President Elect, and Chair of the Finance Committee, carries out the work of the organization between Core Committee meetings and oversees other aspects of our work.

Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) play crucial roles in POD Network operations and member-driven programming. Day-to-day operations are handled by the POD Network Executive Director and main office.

The POD Network’s Governance Manual includes the organization’s bylaws; vision, mission, values, and strategic plan; and guidelines. Any member of the POD Network may bring recommendations for changes to this Governance Manual forward at any time by submitting them to the Past President.