POD Speaks is a new official publication of the POD Network, aligned with the POD Network’s goals. POD Speaks papers serve as resources for members advocating for teaching, faculty development, and organizational development excellence on their campuses (goal #1).

These short, pithy, evidence-based papers, written for a wide audience of higher education professionals, will also enhance the visibility of the POD Network (goal #2), highlighting the work educational developers do and underscoring the ways that the POD Network’s expertise can contribute to discussion of important issues.

Please share POD Speaks with your campus administrators and stakeholders!

  • Issue #1 — Martin, D., Tenure and Promotion Start with Centers for Teaching and Learning. POD Speaks 1 (2016): 1–4 (PDF, free download)
  • Issue #2  — Wright, M., Horii, C.V., Felten, P., Sorcinelli, M.D., and Kaplan, M. Faculty Development Improves Teaching and Learning. POD Speaks 2 (2018): 1–5 (PDF, free download)
  • Issue #3  — Dickens, E., Cruz, L., Alderson, J., Atias, D., Graham, R., Hurney, C.A., Parker, M., Smentkowski, B., Smitherman, M., Thomas, M. Troisi, J.D., Vincent-Layton, K., and Wang, C. (2019). Starting a Center for Teaching and Learning. POD Speaks 3 (2019): 1–6 (PDF, free download)

Call for Proposals

Accepted on a rolling basis

POD Speaks papers are research-based, 1000-1500 word white papers to be published on the POD Network website as blog posts. Authors are credited, and the papers should give voice to the mission and values of the POD Network. They should be written with a general audience of higher education professionals in mind and be suitable for potential republication in current higher education news publications. Topics should align with and promote the POD Network mission and values. Papers may, for example, examine the role of faculty/organizational development in higher education, contributions our field makes to the academic landscape of our institutions, best practices in faculty/organizational development, and insights for new developers/centers.

POD Speaks papers are blind reviewed by a team comprised of current and past Core committee members and members of the EPOC Committee.

POD Speaks Proposals must include:
  • Primary author’s name, institution, and current position
  • Secondary authors’ names, institutions, and current positions (if applicable)
  • Title of proposed POD Speaks paper
  • 100 word summary of the proposed paper, including a thesis statement. Full manuscripts are also acceptable.
  • Keywords for your proposed paper
  • Citations (APA format) of 2-5 resources that inform the proposed paper
  • 100–200 word rationale for a) why the topic is important for the general higher education community, and b) how the topic aligns with the POD Network mission, values and goals.

Send proposals to Elizabeth Dickens (edickens@virginia.edu). Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Contact Elizabeth if you have questions.

POD Speaks Evaluation Rubric Elements:
  • Does the proposal promote the POD Network mission, goals, and values?
  • Does the proposal clearly articulate a topic that highlights the work of educational developers underscoring the value of expertise of the POD Network?
  • Will the proposed paper topic be meaningful to a general higher education audience?
  • Is the proposed paper grounded in current research?