The POD Legacy Circle recognizes current or past POD members who make bequests in their estate planning and notify POD.

For the past eighteen years, POD has been a very important part of my development as an educational developer. I have benefited from the warm and collegial relationships, mutual support and my union with other educational developers who are working together to advocate for the value of our work. For all of these reasons, I made a bequest to POD in my recent estate planning as a legacy for future generations of educational developers.”

Virginia S. Lee, Ph.D.
Former President, POD Network


“From the first time I attended a POD conference, the organization has been central to my development as a professional in this field. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn new ideas, to meet others, and to be supported by others doing similar work. I simply cannot imagine the development of my career without the support provided by POD.”

Mary C. Wright, Ph.D.
Current Finance Committee Chair, POD Network

If you would like to make a bequest to the POD Network, please contact your estate planning professional and POD’s Executive Director Hoag Holmgren (see below for contact information).

If you already made a bequest to the POD Network, please contact Hoag to acknowledge your gift here. We also welcome confidential bequests, which would be discretely recorded by the POD Network but not acknowledged here. Please let Hoag know your preference.

For more information, please contact:
Hoag Holmgren
(303) 258-9521