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Online Conference

November 14–17
#POD23 Online Conference Registration
#POD23 Pittsburgh

Online Conference Expectations

Over the past three years, the Conference Team has learned quite a bit about what generally works – and doesn’t – for online conference venues, based both on our experience and your conference feedback. We have integrated those lessons into our planning for this year in various ways, including the timing and length of the sessions, the space provided for interaction and connection, and one big change: conference sessions will be recorded with facilitators’ permission and will be available for a limited time for online attendees to rewatch after the conference. 

The online conference will use Guidebook to promote and organize the program, and Zoom to facilitate the sessions. We will have nearly one hundred sessions over the four conference days, offered on a schedule that takes into consideration the multiple time zones participants will be joining us from. Friday will include hybrid keynote speaker and POD Talks with participants in Pittsburgh.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

The Conference Team is striving to make the conference events and materials accessible in all venues. Closed captioning and live transcripts will be used for online sessions, which will also be recorded for later viewing. Live captioning will be provided for the keynote address on Friday afternoon.

Please refer to the following guidelines as you are preparing your presentation for the conference: 2023 POD Conference Presenter Guidelines.

If you have specific needs or concerns, we are happy to address them. Please provide them on your registration form (or email the Conference Committee at [email protected]) by October 15 to allow time for suitable arrangements. We will take late requests and you strive to meet your needs.

Online Registration Fees

Registration fees and membership fees increased this fiscal year after careful reflection and financial planning involving the Core Committee (Board of Directors), the Executive Committee, and the Finance Committee. This decision was necessary in order to build more robust infrastructure. (For example, by hiring more staff) which we anticipate will increase the POD Network’s capacity to serve all members. Nonetheless, we are committed to remaining affordable to members and to providing multiple ways to access the conference offerings.

MEMBER Type Early Bird Rate
(ends October 15)
Regular Rate
(after October 15)
Member Individual $440 $465
Member Student $315 $340
Member Retiree $315 $340
Non-Member Individual $605 $630
Non-Member Student $440 $465
Non-Member Retiree $440 $465

Financial Assistance

Committee/SIG Grants

As in the past, this year the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, the Adjunct/Part-time Faculty SIG, and the Graduate Student, Professional Student, & Postdoctoral Scholar Development (GPPD) SIG are offering grants to attend either conference venue. Each grant will provide funding for the conference registration fee and one year of POD membership. Travel grants of $1,800 may be provided for the Pittsburgh conference grant awardees. Click on the links below to access details and the application.

The Donald H. Wulff Diversity Fellowship Applications closed.

Graduate Student, Professional Student, and Postdoctoral Scholar Development (GPPD) Career Development Grant Applications closed.

Adjunct Faculty SIG Travel Grant  Applications closed.

Needs-Based Financial Assistance – APPLICATIONS CLOSE

As part of our efforts to lower barriers to participation in the 2023 POD Conference, the POD Network is piloting a needs-based financial assitance program to support attendance at either the online or Pittsburgh venue. POD’s Core Committee has approved $25,000 to fund conference registration and membership fees, as well as travel and lodging costs for the Pittsburgh venue. Approximately 40% of awards will be given to individuals choosing to attend the online venue and 60% will be given to those choosing to attend the Pittsburgh venue.

The application process was open from September 8 to October 4; seventy-two applications were received. Due to the limited funding available, a random number generator will be used to identify those who will receive funding. A summary report will be generated and provided at a later date.

Conference Registration Fee Refund Policy

Our conference refund policy aligns with our twin commitments to provide flexibility to participants and to protect the financial security of the POD Network. Please submit all cancellation/transfer requests to [email protected]. Refunds may take 4-6 weeks to process. 

On or Before 11:59 PM EST, October 15, 2023

All transfers or cancellations or changes in venue will be assessed a $30 processing fee.


Pittsburgh, online, or dual venues: refund of the registration fee minus $30 processing fee

Additional note regarding dual registration: cancellation of either venue will result in the loss of any savings incurred by registering for both; that is, the full registration fee for the venue you choose will be assessed, and a $30 processing fee will be retained. 


From Pittsburgh to online: refund of the difference between the two registration fees minus a $30 processing fee

From online to Pittsburgh: registrant will be assessed the difference in the two registration fees plus a $30 processing fee

October 16-November 13, 2023

Refunds for cancellation or transfer requests for the Pittsburgh, online, and the dual venues will only be processed in case of a personal emergency, minus the $30 processing fee.

Notice to Presenters: If you are scheduled to facilitate a session in Pittsburgh, you will not be able to change your presentation to an online session if you cancel your Pittsburgh registration or transfer your registration to the online conference.

Note that travel expenses cannot be refunded by POD. Please consider the option of purchasing flight/travel insurance.

Online Conference At-A-Glance Schedule - All Sessions 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Nov 10


Nov 13


Nov 14


Nov 15


Nov 16


Nov 17

SIG & Committee Meetings Pre-Conference Workshops (registration required) Birds of a Feather & Presenter Sessions Affinity Groups & Presenter Sessions Career Fair; Resource Fair; Presenter Sessions & Poster Session POD Talks (Hybrid), Keynote Address (Hybrid) & Presenter Sessions
Career Fair

The Career Fair will be held on Thursday, November 16. This is an informal opportunity to look for a position and also to advertise a position for your center or institution. The conference team will be announcing a call for participation in an upcoming newsletter.

Resource Fair

The Resource Fair will be held on Thursday, November 16 and seeks to provide a venue for participants to share or freely exchange information and resources relevant to our work as educational and organizational developers. This is an opportunity to socialize while acquiring new information or by sharing activities, resources, and services that benefit the POD Network community. The Resource Fair features tables from college- and university- affiliated programs, centers, and POD Network committees and SIGs. Please reserve your table when registering for the conference.

Materials and services may not be offered for sale or promoted for sale during the Resource Fair.

Guidebook Program Guide

The Guidebook App is the official program guide to the 48th Annual POD Conference for both venues. The email address on your registration form will grant you access to the guide. Instructions for accessing the app will be provided to all conference registrants when the program details are available for viewing.


Sessions will be facilitated using Zoom; all meeting ids and links will be created by the Conference Team and will be shared with registrants through Guidebook program guide. The Conference Team online program chairs will coordinate with presenters and volunteers to launch each session during the conference. Presenters are welcome to use additional tools and online services during their sessions, but the POD Conference Team will only arrange for the Zoom links. Resources for creating inclusive online sessions will be shared with facilitators.

Online Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, November 13, 12:00–2:00 PM EST: W17–18
Monday, November 13, 2:00–5:00 PM EST: W19

You must register for the conference before adding workshops and excursions to your cart. If you have already registered and would like to add a workshop or excursion to your registration, please do so below.

W17: Unsettling Colonial Legacies: Towards Decolonizing Curriculum and Pedagogy

Sancha Medwinter, Kirsten Helmer

In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in reflective exercises, group discussions, and tasks to understand and challenge persisting colonial power structures that manifest in higher education curricula and pedagogies. Participants will gain an understanding of coloniality, how it infiltrates our learned educational approaches, and how we can undo it in our teaching through reflective exercises, group discussions, and tasks. The goal is to provide a process model and guide participants in developing their own decolonial practice from their own positionality, area of expertise, and their own discovery/self-reflection of how coloniality infiltrates their content and teaching.

W18: Navigating Early Career Landscapes for Educational Developers: Opportunities and Challenges

Taimi Olsen, Tazin Daniels, Larry Hurtubise, Ferlin McGaskey, JuliA Metzker, Matthew Trevett-Smith

Are you looking for advice from a cohort of like-minded professionals? This session offers colleagues in their early years as educational developers with time and space for consultation, reflection, and relationship-building. Using a pre-survey, participants will be placed into groups by their selected interest in areas of job functions, professional development, career advancement, and networking, with particular attention to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellbeing. Experienced educational developers and peers will unpack identified topics and co-facilitate discussion. After this dialogue and near-peer mentoring, participants leave with an action plan and opportunities to reconnect with their group in the future.

W19: Getting Started: Workshop for New Educational Developers

Kristi Verbeke, Shaun Longstreet

This interactive workshop orients new educational developers to the field. Participants will consider educational development research, foundational frameworks, and will identify priorities for their contexts. Participants will build core skills such as consulting with individuals and groups and developing or re-imagining effective programming, with an equity and inclusive lens. Participants will leave the session with a big-picture view of educational development, enhanced skills, resources, and a support network to help them achieve their goals.

NOTE: This session is not tailored for experienced developers nor those seeking strategies to found a center.