1998-99 Essays

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William K. Jackson, The University of Georgia
Are we going to Cyberspace, or is this just another trip to Abilene? Potential risks and rewards of internet use in higher education.

Lee Warren, Harvard University
Class in the Classroom Class as diversity issue in higher education.

Karen J. Thoms, St. Cloud State University
Critical Thinking Requires Critical Questioning Assumptions misconceptions, and the role of the Socratic Method in critical thinking and questioning.

Deborah DeZure, Eastern Michigan University
Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Overview and approaches to interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

Myra Wilhite and Liz Banset, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Learning Outside the Box: Making Connections between Co-Curricular Activities and the Curriculum Teaching and learning outside the classroom.

Elisa Carbone, University of Maryland University College
Listening in the Classroom:A Two-Way Street Strategies for building the skill of listening in the classroom.

Ronald A. Smith, Concordia University & Richard G. Tiberius, University of Toronto
The Nature of Expertise: Implication for Teachers and Teaching Implications
of expertise for students and instructors.

Virginia S. Lee, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Uses of Uncertainty in the College Classroom Pedagogical implications of uncertainty in the classroom.

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