POD Network Member Site Search Engine

This search tool will allow you to search the Center websites of members of the POD Network. There are over 600 URLs in this search tool.

POD Custom Search Engine for POD Network faculty development centers

Once you have done your initial search, you also have the option to filter the results. After your first search you will see the following choices at the top of the search results. If you click on one, you will search only that subset of the membership.

Carnegie Classifications (Number that we have in the search tool as of Oct 2007 follows each): Associates (7 institutions), Baccalaureate (27), Masters (65), Doctorate (161), Special_Focus (Including Tribal Colleges) (6)

GTA—searches websites designated as primarily for GTAs (about 60 listed). These are (for the most part) NOT searched in the other refinements. If you want information about GTA programs, to the extent members provided the information, use this refinement label.

Postsecondary and NonCollege_University. Postsecondary is any institution granting degrees (565). NonCollege_University is for all POD members who are not degree-granting institutions. This includes organizations, businesses, consultants, etc (about 20).

Enrollment at institution: =<1,000 (7 institutions); 1,001-3,000 (23); 3,001-10,000 (59); 10,001+ (175)

I encourage you to search on your institution (if you are a POD member) and ensure that I have the proper faculty development unit represented. First check these special circumstances:

  • The search tool searches directories. I checked each URL in order to try and find a directory for you. Some had “aliases”—a pretty URL. I probably switched that to the “real” URL.
  • If your website ends in something like “index.php?page=189” then your institution is using a Content Management System and there is no way to search past your main page unless all of your pages are in a directory of their own. I would need that directory to search your site.
  • If your website ends in something like “gsr989.php” or “Teach.html” or “x4995.html” then the tool will only search that one page. (If it ends in index.html or something with index or home in it, then we should be getting that directory.)
  • If you provided your institution’s main page, I did not include it in the search tool. The tool would search your entire school’s site and that would not be helpful.
  • If you do not yet have a website, that’s fine. Just let me know when you get one. You don’t need to tell me you don’t have one.

When you send me a query or correction, please include your institution name, institution’s Carnegie classification, enrollment and any GTA website.

I won’t be able to make immediate corrections but will save requests and make updates once every few weeks. Contact [email protected] after you’ve read the above caveats on what can be searched.

On behalf of thePOD Network’s Digital Resources & Innovation Committee, we hope you find this a very useful tool.