The POD Network has been approached multiple times in the past year by organizations and institutions seeking partnerships and endorsements. As an example of these types of requests, a February 16, 2016, Chronicle of Higher Education article noted that ACUE (Association of College and University Educators) approached the POD Network regarding a formal partnership. Because of the volume of these requests, the Core Committee recently approved a new POD Network committee to review these proposals, the External Partnerships and Outreach Committee (EPOC). The committee’s charge, which includes a vetting process for different types of partnerships, can be found in the most recent POD Network Governance Manual on the website.

At present, the POD Network does not endorse any specific educational development resource. Additionally, as a service to our members, we will soon be posting on this Google Group and our website evidence-based principles for campuses to consider in selecting educational development resources.

Best wishes,

Core Committee and Executive Committee