The POD Network invites self-nominations from members of POD to serve a three-year term on its governing board, the Core Committee (known as “Core”).

Self-nominations must be received by Monday, February 27, 2023, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Past Core members have described serving on the Core Committee as a valuable leadership and professional development opportunity. Core participation directly aligns with advancing our strategic priorities, including equity and evidence-based practice, and it affords the opportunity to self-nominate for the POD Network President position after serving as a Core member. The committee, eligibility, support, responsibilities, and the self-nomination process are described below. Former Core members and members at large are encouraged to share this opportunity with colleagues.

If you have any questions about the Core Committee or about what it means to be a member of Core after reviewing this email, please send a note to [email protected].


What is Core?

The Core Committee is responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization by overseeing the activities, affairs, and finances of the POD Network. The committee is guided by the POD Network Governance Manual, its 2018–2023 Strategic Plan, and a commitment to decision-making through consensus.

The Core Committee was recently expanded to accommodate the workload demanded by POD’s growing membership. The committee now includes up to 18 elected POD Network members, the three presidents (current, elect, past), the chair of the Finance Committee (ex officio, if not an elected Core member), the editor of To Improve the Academy (ex officio, if not an elected Core member), and the Executive Director. Starting this year, six new members will be elected every year for a three-year term by a vote of the POD Network membership (to replace those whose 3-year term is expiring).

Who is eligible to self-nominate?

Candidates must have been a POD Network member for a minimum of three years (consecutive or nonconsecutive). Previous Core Committee members must wait at least one year before self-nominating for another term.

The POD Network is a member-driven organization, and our strength lies in the diversity and creativity of our members. We especially encourage colleagues with diverse identities and demonstrated commitment to advancing racial equity to self-nominate. In addition, we seek candidates from two-year and technical colleges, HBCUs and HSIs, and tribal colleges. We are eager to include people who may not yet see themselves in a senior leadership role, but who are committed to furthering the work of this organization and helping us interrogate and enact our values – collaboration, equity, and evidence.

What support is available?

POD offers full, need-based financial support for Core Committee members to attend twice-yearly business meetings when held in person. This support is intended to ensure that service on Core is not determined by access to home institution financial support. Core members may request support for travel, conference registration, and/or lodging. Requests are sent directly to the POD office and are confidential. Virtual attendance via Zoom is also available.

What are Core member responsibilities?

The official work of the Core Committee is primarily accomplished at two business meetings held in June and November, each scheduled over two days. Business meetings can be attended in person or remotely. In addition, shorter virtual meetings may be scheduled monthly depending on need. Occasionally, items also arise that require Core Committee discussion or approval over email. Additional professional development activities are held during Core meetings and/or online.

Core Committee members are expected to attend all six semi-annual business meetings during their three-year term plus the business meeting preceding their official term, which will be the June 2023 Core meeting. This will be held on Monday, June 12 and Tuesday, June 13, in person in Denver, Colorado, or on Zoom if unable to attend in person. Newly elected members become official Core members at the conclusion of this meeting.

In addition to meetings and online participation, Core Committee members are guided by the mission, purpose, and values of the POD Network. Core Committee members are expected to:


  • Read the Governance Manual thoroughly and be aware of roles and responsibilities.
  • Attend the entirety of June and November Core business meetings and remain present the entire time unless prevented by unanticipated circumstances.
  • Contribute to any discussion either electronically or in person requiring consensus, and vote on all measures submitted for a vote either electronically or in person.
  • Authorize budgets in ways that are the most fiscally responsible to the POD Network.
  • Participate in the election process for the incoming President-Elect.
  • Encourage POD Network members to self-nominate for the Core Committee.
  • Serve in leadership role(s) on standing committee(s) or SIG(s), as a chair and/or Core Representative.
    • Engage in regular communications with those committee(s) and/or SIG(s) that they represent.
    • Represent those committee(s) and/or SIG(s) by presenting their key proposals and concerns and answering questions on behalf of those committee(s) and/or SIG(s) during Core Committee meetings.
    • Proactively communicate with those committee(s) and/or SIG(s) on behalf of the Core Committee, including discussions, questions, and decisions resulting from Core Committee meetings that are both specific to the committee(s) and/or SIG(s) and broadly relevant to all POD Network members.
    • Engage in shaping, carrying out, and assessing POD Network strategic plans, broadly and with respect to those committee(s) and/or SIG(s) that the Core Committee member serves on or chairs.
  • Serve on and/or chair ad-hoc committees formed by the Core and/or Executive Committee(s).
  • Serve as a mentor for the new POD Network members at the annual conference and to new Core Members.
  • Participate in professional development activities for the Core Committee when they are made available

This is a partial list; for the complete list of responsibilities, refer to the Governance Manual.

What’s the process for self-nominating?

To nominate yourself, please submit a PDF with the following elements to the POD Network office at [email protected] with “Core Self-Nomination” in the subject line no later than Monday, February 27, 2023, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Your nomination should include:


  • Name, title, and institution/organization;
  • Background in educational development;
  • A statement about how your participation on Core would enhance its efforts to foster POD’s values of collaboration, equity and inclusion, and evidence-based practice; and
  • Current CV (five pages or less).

Excluding your CV, the nomination cannot exceed 750 words.

Nomination documents will be posted on the POD Network website. A members-only election will be held online in February with results announced in March.

Please contact the POD Network Office with any questions ([email protected]).