I’m writing to share some of the highlights from 2021 and early 2022, and to spotlight some of the committees and special interest groups (SIGs) that are currently seeking members.

Please see this infographic which depicts data and details from many of our recent initiatives. Thanks to Keeghan Sinanan, Manager of Digital Marketing and Communications.

Earlier this year I asked the chairs of all the committees and SIGs to let me know about new volunteer opportunities. Committees do the work of the organization, and SIGs bring together members with a common interest to share resources and bring expertise on specific topics to the attention of the broader community.

In the spirit of “this organization is yours; make it better!”, I encourage you to get involved. No experience is needed, and all POD Network members are welcome. The following committees and SIGs are interested in hearing from you:


Affinity Groups ad hoc Committee – (contact Carol Hurney – [email protected])
Set up and sustain affinity groups during the year and for the conferences.

Digital Resources & Innovation Committee – (contact German Vargas-Ramos – [email protected])
Our committee always has fun projects for folks who like teaching, learning, and innovation, especially when digital media and/or technology is involved. We have great opportunities to get more involved in POD-related activities. Open monthly meetings are optional and combine POD-related projects and updates with professional development discussions and general information-sharing.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee – (contact Gloria Niles – [email protected])
The DEI Committee is now coordinating a group of DEI Committee Liaisons. We hope to have a liaison from each committee and SIG. Currently we are seeking a DEI liaison from the following committees—Awards, Finance, Professional Development, and Scholarship; and the following SIGS—Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

The plan is for DEI Committee Liaisons to meet with the DEI Executive Team for 1 hour every 3 months. The time commitment between meetings will vary depending on the work of the committee or SIG the person represents. However, work is anticipated to be no more than 1-2 hours/month.

Membership Committee – (contact Elizabeth Luoma – [email protected])
The Membership Committee is currently seeking volunteers interested in shaping how we welcome POD Network members into our organization and help guide and sustain their involvement over time. We eagerly invite involvement across our current projects, including our First-Time Attendees conference session, POD Buddy Program, and updating POD Network membership welcome and renewal letters. New to POD? We especially invite your valuable perspective; the Membership Committee is a great way to begin to get involved in our organization.

Professional Development Committee – (contact Tazin Daniels – [email protected])
We have several high profile projects (e.g., POD Connects, Getting Started pre-conference session, Institute for New Educational Developers) and one-off opportunities  (e.g., reviewing proposals, facilitation at events) that always need volunteers. We are also interested in generating a healthy turnover so that we can diversify our membership and leadership of various projects that serve POD members at all career stages.

Strategic Plan Committee – (contact Carol Hurney – [email protected])
Support the work of the POD Network strategic plan. Currently, the committee is working on developing ways to assess how the work of our committees’ and SIGs’ aligns to the strategic plan. As this strategic plan comes to a close and we prepare to create a new one, it will be an exciting time to be on this committee! 

Special Interest Groups

Adjunct/Part-time Faculty SIG – (contact Elizabeth Cummins – [email protected])
We are looking for members to contribute to discussions in our quarterly meetings, help us develop a new rubric for travel grants to the annual POD Conference, and add to our comprehensive list of resources on adjunct and contingent faculty issues.

Earth Centered SIG (contact Heather Keith — [email protected])
We need help to accomplish our mission! We strive to:

  • advance and support Earth-centered and resilient pedagogy, curricula, and research
  • empower educational developers and teaching centers to model sustainable and regenerative organizational practices; and
  • promote a more sustainable POD Network organization, including the annual conference.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) SIG – (contact Laura Lukes – [email protected])
The SoTL SIG hosts some POD Network community events and creates collaborative products! We are looking for volunteers to contribute to one of our working groups: 

  • POD session proposals (to co-lead community discussions at annual conference); 
  • SoTL Model Repository (to share program models and facilitate networking); 
  • Cross-institutional Initiatives (to explore and develop an open-access cross-institutional resource or program); and 
  • Creating and Developing SoTL Support Programs (a subgroup of individuals who meet to discuss the design and implementation of SoTL support programs at their individual institutions).  

Ideas for new working groups are also welcome!

Wishing you the best until summer, 

Fran Glazer
President, POD Network