Proposal Reviewer

Every conference proposal will be reviewed by three independent reviewers who score the proposals based on the criteria specified in the Call for Proposals. In order to do this, we need a large team of reviewers! We very much encourage those newer to educational development and those whose voices are typically underrepresented in educational development to volunteer as proposal reviewers.

Proposals will be assigned to three reviewers (with a mixture of new and experienced reviewers); each person will review 5–7 proposals. Some other at-a-glance aspects of reviewing proposals are:

  1. You indicate the topics in which you have expertise, and are assigned proposals connected to those topics.
  2. You will have two weeks to complete the reviews after they are assigned. We expect the review period to be June 1–15.
  3. Everyone, no matter your experience level, will be required to complete a 25 minute self-paced reviewer training to help ensure proposals are consistently scored according to POD values and the proposal criteria (details of the training are provided in the Call for Reviewers).

Interested in participating? Complete the Call for Reviewers survey:

Session Coordinator

The primary role of the Session Coordinators is to make recommendations to the Program Chairs about which sessions to accept for the conference. Coordinators receive the scored proposals in a single category (Research Sessions, for example) after the reviews have been completed, and create a list of proposals to accept based on reviewer scores as well as additional review based on diversity of topics and variety in reviewer ratings. Some other at-a-glance aspects of being a Session Coordinator:

  1. Coordinators work in pairs, so it’s never a solo venture.
  2. Coordinators are assigned to session types (Interactive sessions, Poster Presentations, etc.).
  3. The only special skill required is punctuality as coordinators will be on a tight deadline, working June 22–July 6th.
  4. Session Coordinators must have been a  Proposal Reviewer for at least one past POD conference

Interested in participating? Complete the Call for Session Coordinators survey:

If you have questions about the roles, responsibilities, reviewer training, or anything else, you are welcome to reach out to Conference Program Co-Chairs via [email protected].