The Associates in Teaching Program: Graduate Student Development, Faculty Renewal, and Curricular Innovation 
Bill Rando, Yale University

Memo to Departments: Outcomes Assessment Really is a Good Idea
Wayne Jacobson, University of Iowa

Talking with Faculty About Cognitive Science & Learning
John Girash, Harvard University

Down with the SGID! Long Live the QCD!
Barbara J. Millis and Jose Vazquez, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Selecting the Right Technology Tool: Wikis, Discussion Boards, Journals, and Blogs
Tami J. Eggleston, McKendree University

Helping Future Faculty “Come Out” As Teachers
Mark R. Connolly, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mentoring Graduate Students
Mary C. Wright & Laura N. Schram, University of Michigan

Teaching Assessment by Modeling Different Assessment Techniques
Cynthia E. Tobery, Dartmouth College