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Kate Brinko, Appalachian State University
Transitions: What’s Love Got to Do With It?
This essay addresses strategies for managing the transition of new faculty into the academy in order to avoid disenchantment and leaving the academy before tenure.

Peter Frederick, Wabash College
The Power of Student Stories: Connections that Enhance Learning
Telling and listening to student stories connects our students’ prior experiences and knowledge and their hopes and fears with the core learning goals teachers value and thereby furthers deeper learning.

Eugene Gallagher & Michael Reder, Connecticut College
PowerPoint: What is the Point
This essay summarizes the literature on PowerPoint as a tool for learning, addresses both its potential problems as well as its possibilities, and offers guidelines on its effective use in teaching.

Karey Harwood, North Carolina State University
Teaching Bioethics through Participation and Policy-Making
The teaching of bioethics calls for a balance between conceptual analysis and the use of concrete cases in order to further students’ ability to reason critically and develop the traits of engaged citizens.

Jennifer Franklin, California State University-Dominguez Hills
Validity, Research, and Reality: Student Ratings of Instruction at the Crossroads
This essay explores how student ratings of instruction can address the rise of new paradigms of instruction such as active learning strategies and web-based delivery modes.

Michele Marincovich, Stanford University & Jack Prostko, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Why KNow About Disciplinary Differences Can Mean More Effective Teaching
This essay explores some of the latest research on how disciplinary differences affect faculty’s teaching in subtle and often unconscious ways.

Lois Reddick, New York University & Wayne Jacobson & Angela Linse, University of Washington
Teaching for Diversity and Inclusiveness in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
This essay explores the challenges STEM faculty face in recognizing, developing and implementing classroom practices that support diverse students.

A. Tarr, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
A Roadmap for Part-time Faculty Success
This essay offers practical strategies to help part-time faculty navigate the twists and turns of teaching part-time, enhance their teaching effectiveness, and make their roles more personally satisfying.