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Milton Cox, Miami University
Achieving Teaching and Learning Excellence through Faculty Learning Communities
The impressive learning outcomes of student learning communities can be replicated for faculty learning communities (FLCs). This essay describes FLCs and ways they enhance faculty and student learning.

Devorah Lieberman, Portland State University
Leading Culturally Sensitive Classroom Discussions Post September 11
This essay focuses on strategies for facilitating successful classroom discussion related to the events of 9/11. These suggestions are based on strategies implemented on several campuses across the country.

Virginia Lee, North Carolina State University
Unlearning: A Critical Element in the Learning Process
Research has shown that prior knowledge is a critical determinant in learning. This essay explores the role of student misconceptions and how instructors should address them during the learning process.

Mary Ann Cessna and Laurel Black, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Teaching Circles: Making Inquiry Safe for Faculty
How can I improve my teaching? Pressured by a need for high student ratings and administrative demands for excellence in teaching, faculty find a haven and room to learn in teaching circles.

Linda Nilson, Clemson University
Helping Students Help Each Other: Making Peer Feedback More Valuable
Student peer feedback can be emotionally biased, misinformed, and/or superficial. This essay discusses two types of feedback that yield neutral, valid, and detailed information and enhance students’ audience awareness.

Gwynn Mettetal, Indiana University – South Bend
Improving Teaching through Classroom Action Research
This essay discusses how to conduct small, in-class research projects on student learning in order to document teaching effectiveness and select appropriate teaching strategies.

Mary Jane Eisen, CT Technology Council, and Elizabeth Tisdell, National-Louis University
Team Teaching: The Learning Side of the Teaching-Learning Equation
Emphasizing shared ownership of teaching and learning through collaboration, this essay explores the multi-directional process of adult learning in different types of learning situations including on-line education.

Kristi Arndt
Creating a Culture of Co-Learners with Problem-Based Learning
Problem-based learning requires a significant shift in the roles and responsibilities traditionally assigned to teachers and students. This essay examines the challenge of truly empowering students as self-directed learners.