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Graham Gibbs, Open University, United Kingdom
Changing Student Behavior Outside of Class
Shifting focus from teaching to Learning includes shifting attention from in-class to out-of-class learning activity. This essay offers strategies for understanding and controlling students’ outside learning activity.

Steven M. Richardson, Winona State University
Living up to Expectations
“Poor preparation” is often a symptom of mismatched expectations. By communicating expectations early and with a plan for offering help as needed, we can minimize these problems.

Terrie Nolinske, Lincoln Park Zoo
Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment
Students bring differences relating to life experiences, attitudes, age, religion, discipline, and learning styles into the classroom. This essay offers strategies to promote diversity awareness and an inclusive learning environment.

David Halliburton, Stanford University
Perspectives on Teaching and Learning: The Legacy of John Dewey
John Dewey’s educational legacy embraces wide-ranging views on the relation of teaching to learning and to other key issues in education.

Gail Goodyear Muir & Sally S. Blake, University of Texas at El Paso
Foundations of Collaboration
Specific ideologies are forwarded by learning, socio-political, and religious theories using collaboration, consensus, and cooperation. Examination of the foundations of these processes reveals the values required of participants.

David L. Graf, Nova Southeastern University
Helping Students (Better) Evaluate and Validate WWW Resources
Faculty need strategies to assure that students can process information from the WWW responsibly. Such strategies include developing web-savvy assignments and requiring demonstration of critical review of the material.

Lion Gardiner, Rutgers University
Fostering Students’ Moral Development
The development of students’ ethical behavior has been an aim of college faculty for centuries. This essay reviews research and ways of fostering principled ethical reasoning.

L. Dee Fink, University of Oklahoma
Higher Level Learning: A Taxonomy for Identifying Different Kinds of Significant Learning
An in-depth look at strategies for Higher Level Learning.