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Linc. Fisch, Independent Consultant, Lexington, KY
Power in the Classroom
Teachers carry a lot of power to influence students in both good and bad ways. An awareness of this fact is a blessing and a curse.

Ron Smith, Concordia University
Competence: What Does It Mean In Teaching and Learning?
What does it mean to be competent in a field? Our definition of competence influences the way we teach and what we expect from students.

Charles Bonwell, Southeast Missouri State University
Risky Business: Making Active Learning a Reality.
Much has been said about the power of active learning as an instructional model. But moving from theory to practice may need some careful thought and timely advice.

Sheila Tobias, The Research Corporation, Tucson, AZ
Disciplinary Cultures and General Education.
Is there an unspoken culture that pervades the teaching in a discipline? How does an intelligent outsider recognize its assumptions and mores?

Carol A. Weiss, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
But How Do We Get Them To Think?
We hear this question constantly from faculty these days. This article will describe strategies for motivating and teaching students skills in this area.

Suzanne Cherrin, University of Delaware
Teaching Controversial Issues.
There are many topics in our curriculum which are relevant to students lives, affect students personally, and frequently produce emotional responses in the classroom. This article makes suggestions for managing controversy and maximizing the opportunity for active learning.

Fred Hudson, The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara
Ten Qualities of Self-Renewing Faculty.
Keeping ourselves alive and motivated is a never-ending struggle for faculty, who often feel overwhelmed. This author provides some insights into specific ways to keep the creative spirit flourishing.

Bill Bergquist
The Four Cultures of the Academy.
How do the cultures of the academy affect the teaching and learning which is so central to its mission?