2000-2001 Essays

Download All John B. Bennett, Quinnipiac College Teaching with Hospitality Fortunately, hospitality is practiced more than it is preached. A cardinal academic virtue, hospitality is essential in the classroom as well as in relationships with colleagues. This essay looks at … Continued

1999-2000 Essays

Download All Graham Gibbs, Open University, United Kingdom Changing Student Behavior Outside of Class Shifting focus from teaching to Learning includes shifting attention from in-class to out-of-class learning activity. This essay offers strategies for understanding and controlling students’ outside learning … Continued

1997-98 Essays

Download All Virginia S. Lee, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Relating Student Experience to Courses and the Curriculum This essay offers a rationale for incorporating students’ personal experience into the curriculum and techniques for doing so to facilitate both cognitive … Continued

1996-97 Essays

Download All Edward Neal, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Leading the Seminar: Graduate and Undergraduate. This essay provides a framework for planning and leading effective seminars and addresses the differences between graduate and undergraduate seminar instruction. G. Roger Sell, University … Continued

1995-1996 Essays

Ed Neal, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Active Learning Beyond the Classroom. Our goal should be to devise out-of-class assignments that promote collaboration and active involvement in learning so that students can find their academic work at least … Continued

1994-1995 Essays

Deanna Martin, Robert Blanc, and David Arendale, University of Missouri-Kansas City Mentorship in the classroom: Making the implicit explicit. Supplemental Instruction, an academic support system that is based in the content courses rather than presented separately, has been very successful … Continued

1993-1994 Essays

Barbara J. Duch and Mary K. Norton, The University of Delaware Teaching for Cognitive Growth Using the Perry Model and Kolb Learning Styles, this essay explores methods to enhance classroom learning. Anastasia Hagen, University of Texas Learning a Lot vs. … Continued

1992-1993 Essays

Download All   Linc. Fisch, Independent Consultant, Lexington, KY Power in the Classroom Teachers carry a lot of power to influence students in both good and bad ways. An awareness of this fact is a blessing and a curse. Ron … Continued

1991-1992 Essays

Download All   J. Dennis Huston, Rice University Teaching Students to Trust Their Ideas This national award winner shares his thoughts about encouraging students to think for themselves. Peter Seldin, Pace University and Linda Annis, Ball State University The Teaching … Continued

1990-1991 Essays

Download All Russell Edgerton, American Association for Higher Education Forward to Aristotle: Teaching as the Highest Form of Understanding There is more to teaching than a mere grasp of content. The act of teaching itself is a complex and fascinating … Continued