W10 Learning Relationships: How to Develop Student-Faculty Pedagogical Partnerships


  • Melanie Bahti, University of Pennsylvania
  • Alison Cook-Sather, Bryn Mawr College
  • Anita Ntem, Democracy Prep Public Schools

Numerous academic developers who have launched student-faculty pedagogical partnership programs contributed to a soon-to-be published resource: Student-Faculty Pedagogical Partnerships in the Classroom and Curriculum: A How-To Guide for Faculty, Students, and Academic Developers in Higher Education (Elon University Center for Engaged Learning Open-Access Series). In this session participants will draw on this resource to explore: key questions and assumptions about pedagogical partnerships; the logistical, cultural, and emotional challenges of partnership; and launching and evaluating partnership work. Through individual reflection, engaging activities, and group dialogue, participants will consider how to develop partnership programs in their respective contexts.

Audience: Faculty and faculty who are also part-time educational developers; Center Directors;  New/recent educational developers (5 years or less)

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