W8 Leadership: Transforming Ourselves and Enhancing Faculty, Staff, and Student Performance


  • Esther Zirbel, Educational Coaching Consultant

This workshop of leading with soul, heart, and mind combines five research-based leadership models into one coherent framework.  The soul section focuses on identifying core values and strengths; the heart section on using the emotional and social/conversational intelligences to understand leadership practices; and the mind section on applying results from cognitive neuroscience to lead consciously, deliberately, and responsibly.  Through a series of exercises, faculty developers will learn how leading with soul, heart, and mind will foster meaningful connections among faculty, staff, and students. By transforming themselves and influencing others, they will enhance teaching and learning at their institution.

Audience: Experienced Educational Developers; New/recent educational developers (5 years or less); Administrators (Assoc. Deans, Deans, Vice Provosts, Assoc. VPs)

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