W3 Flip the Scrip’: Critical Self-Awareness about Identity and Power in the Field of Educational Development


  • Chandani Patel, New York University
  • Cheryl Richardson, University of Delaware
  • Daniel Guberman, Purdue University
  • Riley Caldwell-O’Keefe, Amherst College

How do our identities and positionalities as educational developers within specific institutional structures impact our ability to support and advance inclusive academic cultures? This session explores research in educational development, critical pedagogy, intercultural competence, and affect theory to examine the interplay of identity, emotions, and power for the professional development of educational developers. We will explore relational frameworks through the lens of identity, power, and privilege, unpack the practical implications of these dynamics within affinity groups, and build institutionally specific and identity-based strategies to create more equitable educational development career pathways for participants fueled by ongoing critical self-awareness.

Audience: POD Network Members

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