E4: University of Pittsburgh—Nationality Rooms


Join your colleagues in a 60-90 minute tour of the Nationality & Heritage Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh for a unique educational experience.  Nearly a century ago, the Nationality & Heritage Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Program created the rooms to celebrate and showcase the cultures of the many ethnic communities that immigrated to Allegheny County. On the first and third floors of the Cathedral of Learning, there are 31 Nationality Rooms where you can enjoy the rich heritage of the communities that inspired and supported their creation.

The Nationality Rooms are actual classrooms that offer students (and visitors) the opportunity to explore the historical diversity of the region as depicted via the gifts received from the ethnic groups of Pittsburgh. An added bonus for POD’s tour will be the enjoyment of end-of-year celebrations with traditional takes on well-known holidays.

Transportation is included for the approximate 25-minute trip each way.

  • Date: Saturday November 18
  • Time: 9:45 am–12:15 pm
  • Cost: $35/person
  • Maximum/minimum registration: 40/10

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