W13 Connected Teaching: Navigating the Complexity of Educational Interactions and Relationships


  • Harriet L. Schwartz, Carlow University

How do we help faculty and graduate students engage intentionally in teaching interactions and relationships? In this session, faculty developers will explore teaching as a relational practice, with a focus on power and position and relational clarity, as foundational and strategic approaches to understanding and navigating the very human endeavor of teaching. Participants will engage with the material by applying concepts to their own teaching or supervision experiences and then working in small teams, will outline a relevant training session or practicing coaching via role plays. This session is based on Relational Cultural Theory and the presenter’s program of research.

Audience: New/recent educational developers (5 years or less); Faculty and faculty who are also part-time educational developers; Graduate and Professional Students and Postdocs (and those who work with them)

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