POD Discussion Group

One of the best ways to get immediate results when you are looking for resources is to inquire on the POD discussion group!

To subscribe, please go to <https://groups.google.com/a/podnetwork.org/d/forum/discussion>.

Quick tips for google groups:

    •    To start a new conversation send a message to discussion@podnetwork.org with the topic as the subject of the message.

    •    To reply to the group and the sender (if you get individual messages) use your email clients reply all option.

    •    To reply to the sender only (if you get individual messages) use your email clients reply function.

    •    If you receive the digest, click the subject line for a message to view that message on the groups site.

        If you are using a gmail address, login to that account while viewing the group to access post and reply functions.

        If you you are using a non google account, create a google account associated with that address so you can login and use the post and reply functions.

        Instructions for creating a google account for non-google email addresses are available at http://www.slideshare.net/NotJustCricket/using-non-google-id-with-google-groups

The POD Network provides this discussion group as a service to its members and others interested in educational development. The purpose of this discussion group is to facilitate the meaningful exchange of information and ideas. Subscribers are encouraged to use the list to seek answers to questions, to ask others how they have done something, to inquire about program activities, to post job openings or conference announcements, or even to share “success” stories. In reality, this discussion group serves whatever purpose its subscribers deem important and appropriate.