At the Center of Transforming Undergraduate Education: Joint POD Network/NSEC Response to New Report

On November 30, 2017, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences released the final report of the Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education, entitled, The Future of Undergraduate Education, The Future of America. The POD Network in Higher Education and the Network of STEM … Continued

Reaffirming Our Core Values

The POD Network in Higher Education is committed to the creation of inclusive environments where diverse people and perspectives are welcomed, encouraged, and seen as essential to effective teaching, learning, and educational development. We reaffirm our core values of advocacy, social justice, inclusion, collegiality, and diverse perspectives. At this time, when many are experiencing hostility and exclusion, we will … Continued

Greetings! Looking toward the coming weeks and months from the perspective of a quickly receding summer, I wonder, like many of you, how to leverage the precious remaining hours—that is, how to use them to maximum advantage both to prepare … Continued