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Mary Sorcinelli


Senior Fellow, UMass Amherst; Co-PI, AAU/NSF STEM Education Initiative


Institute for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development

Area(s) of Expertise

consultant/consulting,organizational development,professional development,faculty development,mentoring,research/scholarship,pedagogy/teaching effectiveness,international educational development


US, Amherst, MA,

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Types of Educational Development (currently working in and future ideas for collaboration)

My research and practice are in the areas of professional development of faculty, mutual mentoring, scholarly writing, improvement of teaching and learning, and the role of teaching centers in fostering 21st century faculty learning.  I most recently co-authored a study of the field in the U.S. and Canada, Faculty Development in the Age of Evidence (2016).  I am currently working to advance the culture of teaching on campuses,  promote educational innovations, and to align reform efforts in undergraduate education to promote institutional change.  I am keenly interested in collaborating with colleagues supporting the emergence of teaching and faculty development centers internationally, having traveled to 12 different countries, most recently to Antigua,  China, Egypt, Ireland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.  I received the Bob Pierleoni Spirit of POD Award, served as President/Executive Board Member of the POD Network (POD), and received a Lifetime Achievement Award, ACE Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education.