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Coulter Faculty Commons

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ECRC, Scholarship, SoTL SIG

Area(s) of Expertise

curriculum design,Instructional design,technology and teaching,organizational development,faculty development,pedagogy/teaching effectiveness,graduate and professional student development,course design,learning outcomes,Instructional/educational technology

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Types of Educational Development (currently working in and future ideas for collaboration)

Instructional design and technology, supporting adjuncts, support graduate teaching assistants, online teaching and course design, blended learning, curriculum redesign, student success and learning outcomes, leadership, project management.

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she/ her/ hers

Race/ Ethnicity

White or Caucasian

What is the highest degree you have earned?

Doctorate – Academic (PhD, EdD)

What was the discipline for your highest degree earned? (Please indicate the general area and the specific discipline.)


How long have you been involved in educational development?

10+ years

How would you presently describe yourself in terms of being an educational developer?

5 = expert

Is there an educational development unit (center, institute) at your institution? If so what is it titled?

Coulter Faculty Commons

Indicate the type of institution where you work.

Public university or college