A Mastermind is comprised of a small group of trusted colleagues who commit to meeting at regular intervals to provide each other with accountability toward their individual goals, share ideas and resources, provide emotional support, and create a sense of community. Each member may have different goals and be at different stages of progress.

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) has created a process to help POD Network members to connect to form Masterminds. The goal is to help POD Network members broaden their networks beyond their institutions and support each other in our work as educational developers.

Join a Mastermind group (members-only)

PDC has also created resources to help Mastermind groups establish expectations for the group as well as tips on how to sustain a group over time.

If you’ve created a Mastermind of your own, we would love to hear from you! This allows us to maintain the website and act as a resource for your group.

Share your Mastermind group with PDC