The POD Donors’ Circle will acknowledge current or past POD members who make donations of at least $1,976 — an amount that recognizes the year in which the POD Network was founded. Names of individual donors, groups, or those for whom a qualifying donation has been made (e.g., in recognition or in memory of an individual) will be listed here. Anonymous donations are also welcome. However, in keeping with the culture of the POD Network, the specific size of the donation will not be made public.

If you wish to make a donation to the POD Network as part of your annual charitable giving, please send a check paid to the order of “POD Network” for the purpose of “Donation.” You will be sent a gift receipt for tax purposes.

The POD Office address is:
POD Network
P.O. Box 3318
Nederland, Colorado 80466 USA

Donations of all sizes are welcome! For donations smaller than $1,976, the POD Network will gratefully acknowledge your contribution on the POD website and conference program corresponding to the year in which the gift was made.

Please contact POD’s Executive Director, Hoag Holmgren, if you have questions. Hoag can be contacted at 303-258-9521 or