POD Network Presidents

POD President Name and Institution Year
Cassandra Horii, California Institute of Technology 2018–19
Mary Wright, Brown University 2017–18
Kevin Barry, University of Notre Dame 2016–17
Deandra Little, Elon University 2015–16
Leslie Ortquist-Ahrens, Berea College 2014–15
Kathryn Plank, Otterbein University 2013–14
Michele DiPietro, Kennesaw State University 2012–13
Phyllis Worthy Dawkins, Dillard University 2011–12
Peter Felten, Elon University 2010–11
Mike Theall, Youngstown State University 2009–10
Virginia S. Lee, Virginia S. Lee & Associates 2008–09
Mathew L. Ouellett, Cornell University 2007–08
James E. Groccia, Auburn University 2006–07
Virleen Carlson, Cornell University 2005–06
L. Dee Fink, University of Oklahoma 2004–05
Laura L. B. Border, University of Colorado at Boulder 2002–04
Roger Sell, Southwest Missouri State University 2002–03
Mary Deane Sorcinelli, U. of Massachusetts at Amherst 2001–02
Christine Stanley, Texas A&M University 2000–01
Jim Eison, University of South Florida 1999–00
Kay Gillespie, Colorado State University 1998–99
Eric Kristensen, Berklee College of Music 1997–98
Marilyn Leach, University of Nebraska at Omaha 1996–97
Nancy Chism, The Ohio State University 1995–96
Karron Lewis, University of Texas at Austin 1994–95
Donald Wulff, University of Washington 1993–94
Daniel W. Wheeler, University of Nebraska at Lincoln 1992-93
Ronald Smith, Concordia University Montréal 1991–92
Emily (Rusty) Wadsworth, McHenry County College 1990–91
Delivee Wright, University of Nebraska at Lincoln 1989–90
Marilla Svinicki, University of Texas at Austin 1988–89, 1987–88
Bette L. Erickson, University of Rhode Island 1986–87, 1985–86
LuAnn Wilkerson, Harvard Medical School 1984–85
Michele Marincovich, Stanford University 1983–84
Michael Davis, University of the Pacific 1982–83, 1981–82
Lance Buhl, Projects for Educational Development 1980–81
Glenn Erickson, University of Rhode Island 1979–80, 1978–79
Mary Lynn Crow, University of Texas at Arlington 1977–78
Joan North, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point 1976–77