2008-2009 Essays

A Whole New World, A New Fantastic Point of View  Ron Berk, The Johns Hopkins University  This essay describes and considers an approach to classroom teaching evaluation that relies on multiple sources of evidence based on multiple ratings. This approach … Continued

2007-2008 Essays

Collaboration or Plagiarism? Explaining Collaborative-Based Assignments Clearly Tuesday L. Cooper, Empire State College When assigned collaborative learning projects, students often have difficulty determining appropriate contribution by each group member. By providing clear instructions, faculty can shape students’ appreciation of collaborative … Continued

06-07 Essays

Download All Jim Westerman, Appalachian State University Motivating Generation Y in the Classroom Generation Y students have matured and developed in an artificial, technologically-centered environment significantly different from what prior generations have experienced. This essay examines the impact of this … Continued

05-06 Essays

Download All Danelle D. Stevens and Anitonia Levi, Portland State University Leveling the Field: Using Rubrics to Achieve Greater Equity in Teaching and Grading Rubrics can be used to assure greater consistency in grading and as a teaching tool to … Continued

04-05 Essays

Download All Kate Brinko, Appalachian State University Transitions: What’s Love Got to Do With It? This essay addresses strategies for managing the transition of new faculty into the academy in order to avoid disenchantment and leaving the academy before tenure. … Continued

03-04 Essays

Download All Chris Anson, North Carolina State University Student Plagiarism: Are Teachers Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? This essay explores ways in which instructors can subvert opportunities for plagiarism by rethinking limited models of writing and … Continued

02-03 Essays

Download All Milton Cox, Miami University Achieving Teaching and Learning Excellence through Faculty Learning Communities The impressive learning outcomes of student learning communities can be replicated for faculty learning communities (FLCs). This essay describes FLCs and ways they enhance faculty … Continued

01-02 Essays

Download All Edmund Hansen, Emporia State University From Cognitive Dissonance to Self-Motivated Learning Motivation is a multi-level change process we need to help students embrace. It often starts with experiences of cognitive dissonance and culminates in the definition of one’s … Continued

2000-2001 Essays

Download All John B. Bennett, Quinnipiac College Teaching with Hospitality Fortunately, hospitality is practiced more than it is preached. A cardinal academic virtue, hospitality is essential in the classroom as well as in relationships with colleagues. This essay looks at … Continued

1999-2000 Essays

Download All Graham Gibbs, Open University, United Kingdom Changing Student Behavior Outside of Class Shifting focus from teaching to Learning includes shifting attention from in-class to out-of-class learning activity. This essay offers strategies for understanding and controlling students’ outside learning … Continued