Standing Committees

Listed below you will find the chairpersons of POD’s standing committees and subcommittees. Members’ involvement in these important organizational efforts and activities is welcome and you are invited to contact the chair of any committee to become involved.

Each standing committee has a Core Committee Representative as a member (in some cases the chair) who is also a member of the Core committee. The representative regularly attends committee meetings and serves as the representative for that committee at biannual Core meetings. Core Representatives are a conduit for information, questions, ideas or concerns back and forth, and advocate for the committee’s requests or proposals when there are any on the Core agenda.

Current Committees & Chairs

Administrative Committees

Finance Committee

Organizational matters relating to finances, including investment strategies and accounting matters

Chair & Core Committee representative: Victoria Bhavsar

Governance Committee

Annual review of policies and procedures, providing recommendations to the Core Committee for changes

Chair & Core Committee representative: Kevin Barry


Operational Committees

Awards and Recognition Committee

Oversight for the awards and recognition programs of the organization

  • Awards Committee Chair: Donna Ellis
  • Bob Pierlioni Spirit of POD Award Subcommittee: Mathew Ouellett
  • Bob Menges Award Subcommittee: Michael Palmer
  • Innovation Awards Subcommittee: Paul Gebb
  • Christine Stanley Award Subcommittee: Cameron Harris

Core Committee representative: Stacy Grooters

Conference Committee

Current Projects: 2017 POD Network Conference | Montréal, Québec, Canada | October 25-29

Conference Co-Chairs:

  • Lynn Eaton, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
  • Greg Siering, Indiana University Bloomington

Program Co-Chairs:

  • Steve Hansen, Duquesne University
  • Carol Subiño Sullivan, Georgia Institute of Technology

Core Committee representatives: Hoag Holmgren & Allison Boye

Membership: POD members interested in volunteering to work with the Conference Planning Committee are encouraged to contact the conference chairs.

Diversity Committee

Co-Chairs: Cameron Harris & Cheryl Richardson

Core Committee representative: Lindsay Bernhagen

What is the Diversity Committee?

The Diversity Committee (DC) was organized to support POD’s efforts to 1) encourage and retain a diverse membership in POD and in the faculty/instructional development community more broadly and 2) cultivate greater critical attention to questions of diversity in our work (e.g. the needs of diverse faculty and students, inclusive pedagogies, diversity as it relates to SOTL, etc.).

How do I join the Diversity Committee?

Similar to the Small College Committee, the DC’s membership is open to anyone with an interest in questions related to diversity within the educational development community. An easy way to get involved with the Diversity Committee is to join our listserv, where you can learn more about current DC initiatives. If you are interested in signing up for the DC listserv, then follow this link to the list’s archives and click “Join or Leave POD-DIVERSITY“:

Current Projects:

Membership: Welcoming new members

Electronic Communications & Resources Committee (ECRC)

Chair: Raj Chaudhury

Core Committee representatives: Jake Glover

Review of POD website and matters relating to electronic communications, including the POD listserv


The purpose of the Electronic Communications and Resources Committee (ECRC) is to advise on and facilitate the implementation of policies and practices regarding POD’s use of electronic media to include, but not to be limited to, the POD website and POD electronic discussion/mailing lists. These policies and practices could include issues related to the structure and content of the website, website maintenance, the number and nature of discussion lists for dialogue within and beyond the organization and guidelines for postings to the website or discussion groups. While the Publications Committee is responsible for print or electronic literature intended for more than temporary communication (such as books, videos, journals, and electronic journals), the Electronic Communications and Resources Committee (ECRC) could assist as needed in the electronic dissemination of these publications.

Membership:  Seeking new members

External Partnerships and Outreach Committee (EPOC)

Co-chairs: Carol Hurney & Mary Wright

Core Committee representative: Carol Hurney

New Report: Connecting Centers for Teaching and Learning with STEM Education Centers

Working in close collaboration with the Executive Committee, the External Partnerships and Outreach Committee will be composed of an overarching body

  1. that oversees processes and policies related to partnerships and outreach for the organization, including funneling requests from potential partners or ideas for POD Network initiatives to the committee whose charge most closely aligns with the focus;
  2. that manages the prioritizing and vetting processes involved in committing to partnerships; and
  3. that coordinates work of the subcommittees devoted to specific outreach, partnership, and collaborative functions.

The mission of the External Partnerships and Outreach Committee is

  • to provide oversight for the POD Network’s full range of partnerships;
  • to promote and cultivate strong working relationships and informational exchanges between the POD Network and other organizations with similar missions;
  • to receive and help vet partnership requests from external non-profit and for-profit entities;
  • to help prioritize, and where necessary limit, requests as well as proactively target strategic and timely areas of focus for outreach and collaboration.

Partnership and outreach work related to the POD Network as a whole will find an organizational home in one of the three subcommittees below, or in the POD Network standing committee whose charge most closely aligns with it (e.g., PDC, ECRC, etc.):

  • International Organizations and Partnerships Subcommittee
  • National Organizations and Partnerships Subcommittees
  • Regional Organizations, Professional Groups and Partnerships

Grants Committee

Oversight for POD grants program

Chair: Lindsay Bernhagen

Core Committee representative: Lindsay Bernhagen

History Committee

Chair: Kathryn Plank

Core Committee representative: TBD

The History Committee began as the Archives Committee in the late 1990s. After the POD Archives were established at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2000, In 2003, Dakin Burdick became the new POD Historian and in 2012, the History Committee was created as a new standing committee. Our purpose is…

  • To oversee the preservation of official records and history of POD.
  • To gather and preserve members’ memories of POD.
  • To assist the Executive Committee in questions regarding the history of POD and academic development.
  • To inform the public about POD history in particular and academic development history in general.
  • To encourage research on the history of academic development, particularly where it can inform current leaders in the field.

If you are a member of POD and interested in helping gather, preserve, and distribute the history of POD, please join the POD History Committee. If you do not use Facebook, please email for more information.

The URL for the History Committee is

Membership Committee

Chair & Core Committee representative: Roben Torosyan

What is the Membership Committee?

The Membership Committee is responsible for overall membership issues, including but not limited to marketing, recruiting, retention, membership benefits, membership satisfaction, and trends in membership. Specifically, we…

  • use membership data to guide marketing decisions and membership recruitment efforts;
  • continuously monitor member benefits and explore innovative ways to improve and expand them;
  • conduct or commission membership studies on, for example, the size of the organization, the representativeness of its members, change in membership over time, and member satisfaction with the organization.

How do I join the Membership Committee?

Like several POD committees, the MC’s membership is open to all POD members who are motivated and willing to dedicate time to work toward project goals. In return for your hard work, we strive to create an environment which is collegial, fun, and focused on projects that are interesting and meaningful. At present, the MC has enough hands to carry out our suite of projects, but, since new projects pop up all the time, simply email the committee and we’ll add you to our excited-to-get-involved list.

Current Projects:

  • Intro to POD Session for 1st-time conference attendees
  • Buddy Program
  • Broad marketing plan
  • Expanding member benefits
  • Membership survey
  • Voices of POD

Professional Development Committee

Matters relating to the professional development for POD members in general and for specific constituencies within POD

Chair: Francine Glazer

Core Committee representative: Allison Boye

Scholarship Committee

The mission of the Scholarship Committee (formerly Publications Committee and Research Committee) is to support the POD Network’s strategic goal of “advancing evidence-based practice” through the fostering of the development, application, and dissemination of research, scholarship, and creative works related to educational development and the membership of POD.

Chair: Eli Collins-Brown

Core Committee representative: Carol Hurney

The Scholarship Committee has three standing subcommittees:

  • Subcommittee on Scholarship Development
  • Subcommittee on Scholarship Application
  • Subcommittee on Scholarship Dissemination

The Subcommittee on Scholarship Development oversees the following programs and initiatives:

A. POD Starter Kit

B. Liaison to Grants Program
The Subcommittee works closely with the grants committee to ensure coordinated support for new scholars and new scholarly projects.

C. New Publications
The Subcommittee oversees requests for new POD-sponsored publications.

Proposals for new publications, either print or electronic, may be made by any POD member to the Scholarship Development Subcommittee and, after review, such proposals with the recommendation for action by the full Scholarship Committee, will be presented to the

POD Core Committee, which will approve or reject these proposals. Proposals should be received by the Scholarship Development Subcommittee by January 15 or July 15 for consideration at either of the respective Core meetings that follow these dates.

Publications should relate to the mission of POD. Proposals shall include a description of the proposed publication, a rationale for its publication by POD, and a work plan including the names of members who will be involved to the extent possible.

D.  Professional development opportunities and resources
The Scholarship Development subcommittee will also identify, promote and/or disseminate opportunities, mentoring programs, and print and electronic resources intended to encourage and inform the development of research, scholarship, and creative work by POD members, especially in the early stages of the scholarship process.

Committee Presidential Liaisons:

The table below indicates which president serves as the Presidential Liaison or as a committee member or chair when indicated by an asterisk.

The role of the Presidential Liaison is to serve as a sounding board for either the committee chair or Core representative on issues that span across committees, have implications for governance, budget, the organization as a whole, or the public face of the organization. The Presidential Liaison does not attend committee meetings routinely but instead recommends the committee chair invite the liaison to attend at appropriate times for particular agenda items with these broader implications.

President Elect:
Cassandra Horii
Mary Wright
Past President:
Kevin Barry
Diversity Conference Awards*
ECRC EPOC* Governance*
Finance* Finance* History
Governance* Grants PDC

* indicates service as a regular member or chair of the committee